Philosophy & Approach

In our cluttered world of products, most people never consider that the objects they use were originally touched by a thoughtful, clandestine process of design.

Products should enhance quality of life. By melding indispensable and incidental objects, with advances in technology and the artistic eye for beauty, our craft aspires to be more than just a job, but a calling.

At David Lewin Industrial Design, you are speaking straight to the source for ideas in design, strategy and innovation. We balance the market’s gauge of success by units sold, with design’s insightful problem solving and ease in manufacturing.

Product creation is not a spectator sport! We go deep into your brand’s DNA and create relevant solutions, contrary to the “one size fits all” studios. Great minds do not think alike and neither do great brands.

In a field of “talkers” we are a consultancy that delivers long term product trajectories. Our success is your success. The passion to deliver greater design integrity, style, empathy for the user, performance and service is a mission delivered with equal dedication.

“Let’s make great work together!”